Categorization of Hotels in India

The word hotel is derived from the French word ‘hotel’ means town house, which is not a place for accommodation. Gradually, it was considered as a place for short time stay.

As decades passed, basic accommodation of a room with only a bed, cupboard, small table and a washstand has been largely replaced by rooms with en-suite bathrooms, mini bar and restaurants.

Since last decade of 20th century, heavy competition has occurred due to the enormous increase in tourism worldwide. To survive this, hotel industries have been drastically improved their way of service in hospitality.

Hotels are categorized on the basis of location, duration of stay, the level of service, ambience and Target market. Here we discuss the hotels based on target market and length of stay.

Based on Length of Stay

Transient Hotel

Transient hotels are mostly located close to airport or harbour, which provides all luxurious amenities including services like cabs facility. The purpose of this hotel is to facilitate passengers who stay over between flights. They usually charged on an hourly basis and costly too. For instance, Hotel Transit in Mumbai.

Residential hotel

These hotels are popular for a long duration stay where guest can accommodate for a period of one month to a year. They charged on the monthly or quarterly basis. They provide sitting room, bed room as well as the kitchen.

Semi-residential Hotel

These are the combination of both transient and residential hotel, where guest can pay on the hourly or monthly basis.

Based on Target Market

Convention Hotel

As the name specifies, they feature luxurious and spacious conference room as well as conventional centre for their guest. These type of hotels are mostly preferred by business clients and Politicians for conducting official meetings and programs. They also provide excellent room services and amenities. For instance, Vivanta by Taj and  Le Meridian in Cochin.

Commercial Hotel

Commercial hotels are located mostly in the heart of the city, with in a short distance from shopping malls or business centre. Guests like a business client, who need to travel short distance frequently for business purpose prefer this.

Casino Hotel

These hotels are popular for gambling activities. They provide luxurious rooms, food, alcohol and services for guest who want to leisure their daytime. Some hotels operate 24 hours a day and 365 days. Las Vegas in America is famous for casino hotels. In India, Goa is a famous place for casino hotels like The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino, Deltin Suites.

These are the some of the categories of hotel available in India.

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