Kanyakumari's Top 5 Things

Kanyakumari’s Top 5 Things To Visit

Indian pilgrims beach showering and airing clothes out to dry while facing the sea, as sea shell souvenir dealers line the beach walkway…

Kanyakumari has a mystical aura which is both respectful and touristy. Kanyakumari is the site of Gandhi’s cremation and the meeting point of the Indian, Bay of Bengal, and Arabian Sea tides. It has a massive statue of Tiruvalluvar, a great Tamil poet, rising high above as majestic as the Statue of liberty. Hence choose hotels at Kanyakumari like hotel temple citi to make your trip more safe and comfortable.

Goddess kumari’s temple

Kumari was meant to marry Shiva’s hand, but was prevented from doing so by some heavenly intervention, so that she might preserve her Shakti abilities and remain a virgin. The Goddess Kumari Temple, which is estimated to be 3,000 years old, was built in her honour.

As a symbol of respect, men entering Kumari Amman Temple must be bare-chested. Temple touts may approach you and offer to guide visitors through the temple for something like a gift of 50 rupees.

Kanyakumari beach

Kanyakumari Beach isn’t the kind of place where you’d wear bikinis and slather yourself in suntan lotion before laying out to get a tan. That’s not the kind of beach we are  talking about. In the water, Indian vacationers splash, frolic, and do yoga. It is, nevertheless, a revered holy place situated just outside of the Kumari Amman temple, and it is considered slightly… sacred as the southernmost location where three oceans merge.Kanyakumari is said to provide both sunrise and sunset views. The dawn may be observed from the Bay of Bengal throughout the year. Therefore choose hotels in Kanyakumari near beach to get a perfect view.

Catch a boat to the Vivekananda Rock Monument and Tiruvalluvar’s sculpture

It can be seen from both the township and the seashore, an island’s rocky outcropping and a massive statue The 133-foot-high statue of Tiruvalluvar, the very first Ancient Tamil poet, represents the 133 volumes of his classic novel Thirukkural. His foot base is frequently climbed. It’s best to arrive before 11 AM because the stone gets really hot as the sun rises, and it’s customary to soak your toes in the sea and go up the rock barefoot.

The Vivekananda Rock Monument is the other location. Two halls on the rock were built in 1970: one is devoted to Swami Vivekananda, and the other is dedicated to the Sacred Feet .

Gandhi mandapam

Did you even know that one of India’s most revered saints had his ashes interred here? In 1925 and 1937, Gandhi paid visits to Kanyakumari. “I am writing this at the point, in front of the sea, where three oceans combine and provide a spectacle unequalled in the world,” he wrote in January 1937. For ships like the goddess, this is not a port of call. The rivers in the area are unpolluted.” The Gandhi Mandapam, which was built on February 12, 1948, was where his ashes were kept before being immersed. Reach out to the nearest hotel in Kanyakumari to make your vacation beautiful.

Suchindram temple

Stanumalaya is honoured in this temple (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma). Thousands of extra relief, masterfully produced figures of deities and mystical recreational sceneries are carved onto the 135-foot tall Gopura. The 18-foot Hanuman Sculpture and the melodic pillars may be seen inside the temple. A vast water reservoir with a pillared mandapam in front of the temple is crowned with a Dravidian-style vimana in the centre.

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