Padmanabhapuram Palace is one of the richest palaces in South India. This is located 20 Kms from Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu but maintaining by Government of Kerala. You can make a Hotel Booking in Kanyakumari and make a day trip to Padmanabhapuram temple. This palace provides you the scenic beauty because of Valli River and the Western Ghats as its neighborhood.

Features of palace

  • This palace has a clock tower in its complex which is 300 years old running continuously till date.
  • The rooms of this palace are filled with Chinese jars which are gifted by Chinese merchants during their visit.
  • A big hall in this palace which gives accommodation to more than 1000 people during special occasions.
  • Padmanabhapuram palace has a secret passage to king’s family during any emergencies.
  • A gallery of paintings on the wall of palace tells us about the history of Travancore Kingdom.

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