The Top Must Visit Water Falls in Tamil Nadu

TamilNadu is a state of heritage since 2000 years. This place gave the birth of many great peoples from almost every field. TamilNadu has surrounded two sides with oceans such as the Indian ocean on the south side and the Bay of Bengal on the east side. TamilNadu is the top second tourist places in India. If you want to make a peaceful and enjoyable journey to some of the exotic places in India then TamilNadu is the best choice ever. There are many best things about TamilNadu like hill stations, historic temples and wonderful beaches.

Waterfalls in TamilNadu

TamilNadu is more about nature and beauty. Waterfalls in TamilNadu are one of the examples of natural wonders of TamilNadu. Nowadays people have not enough time to make an extended trip. So why do you plan a trip to exciting waterfalls in TamilNadu? You feel refreshed and stress-free after visiting Waterfalls.

Thiruparappu Waterfalls (Near Kanyakumari)

Thiruparappu Waterfalls has located 50 kilometres away from Kanyakumari. The height of the waterfalls is about 50 feet and water flows about seven months. Thiruparappu Waterfalls is a safe place for swimming. You can also visit Kanyakumari during the trip. There are plenty of hotels at Kanyakumari which makes your trip memorable.

Kalhatty Falls (Near Ooty)

Kalhatty falls is 14km away from Ooty. The height of the waterfalls is about 120 feet. You can get a feeling of wildlife in this falls. This falls give the best view of the monsoon season. This is the perfect place to enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.

Law’s falls (Near Coonoor)

You can reach this falls at the distance of 10 km from Coonoor. The falls is located inside a forest. You can feel the beauty of nature while visiting this falls. Water flows from the height of 30 feet. There are a number of people visit this place in a monsoon season.

Kumbakkarai Falls (Near Madurai)

This fall is situated at a distance of 85 km from Madurai. It is one of the adventures places in TamilNadu Where you can also truck.  The height of the falls is about 87 feet. There is an amusement park located near the waterfalls.

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