Best Time To Visit Kanyakumari

Best Time To Visit The Land Of Sea – Kanyakumari

We all are stressed out with daily responsibilities and hectic schedules. Hence, it is natural to take a break from monotonous life and make it as colourful as possible. So, going on trips or holiday destinations to explore nature by leaving all your worries behind. Kanyakumari will be a great option, and it is adorable to watch its nature’s beauty. A comfortable stay is added on the list for many travellers. The Hotel Temple Citi is the best hotels at Kanyakumari where a wide range of rooms and services are offered to the residents. However, many don’t know the best time to visit Kanyakumari. As Kanyakumari has many temples, beaches and being located along the coastal line, it is essential to figure out the right time to visit the land. Hence, in this post, let us see the best time to visit the land of the sea, i.e., Kanyakumari and make the most of the trip. 

October to February: 

People should visit Kanyakumari in any of the months from October to February. It is winter time in southern Asian countries, and the weather at Kanyakumari is more pleasant during these months. The maximum temperature from October to February will be around 31 degrees celsius and minimum temperatures below 20 degrees celsius. It is the holiday peak season in Kanyakumari and can cover most sightseeing places because of less humidity. Similarly, these months are ideal for beach activities like surfing, swimming, and related things. 

The Cape festival is one of the main attractions during these months. A major part of the crowd visits this land for this occasion because of their spectacular view of the night lights, cultural programs, and a wide range of Indian savouries. Another significant event during these months is taking a holy dip at the confluence of the sea, and many believe that it can take their sins away. During this time, you can find hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff because of the festive season.

March to May:

Even though Kanyakumari can be humid and hot in these months, it is not a bad time to visit Kanyakumari. The early summers are not too harsh, and you even feel the cool breeze in the evenings. However, you can get a clear view of the sunrise and sunset during these times because the skies are much clearer than the winter times. Hence, while visiting in summer, choose online hotel booking in Kanyakumari to reduce the last minute hassle. 

June to September:

Thirdly, you can visit Kanyakumari from June to September if you like rain. It is the monsoon season during these months, and you can feel humid. In June and July, one can experience quite a heavy rainfall and enjoy the intermittent drizzles in the coastal town by the end of August. As it is off-season, you can get quite exciting deals in hotels at Kanyakumari.

Hence, as you can see, various seasons offer various events and plans. Thus, choose your appropriate time to visit the land to have a fantastic vacation. Hotel Temple Citi – the best budget hotels in Kanyakumari, is here to provide you with the most amazing deals and a comfortable stay.

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