Handicrafts In Kanyakumari To Bring Home

Famous Handicrafts In Kanyakumari To Bring Home

Every place that we visit is known for its tradition and culture. The same goes for Kanyakumari, where you can get authentic things that speak about their heritage. Kanyakumari – the land of the sea is not only known for its spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset or temples but also known for its hand-picked handicrafts and art. Kanyakumari is known for its craftworks like wooden carvings, temple jewelry, and lace works. If you have an eye for craft collections, then Kanyakumari will be an ideal place for your add-on. Many visitors from far away land visit this place and stay at the hotels at Kanyakumari to make the most of the trip.

Hence, in this post, let us see some of the famous handicrafts in Kanyakumari to bring home. This craftwork will surely enhance your interiors and remind you of your trip to this land.

Wooden carvings:

The famous artwork of Kanyakumari is wooden carvings and is popular in the cities like Suchindram and Nagercoil of Kanyakumari. These carvings are intricately designed and add elegance and style to the interiors. The wooden carvings are made from the wood of palm trees, which also includes reeds, grass, cane, and bamboo shoots. These crafts include the designs influenced by the epic scriptures of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The craftsman also uses coconut fibers to make mats, baskets, ropes, and related items. You can find a wide range of display artifacts and daily use articles at Kanyakumari made from substantial material. So, if you are visiting Kanyakumari, make sure to get these wooden carvings as souvenirs. The hotels in Kanyakumari near beach have numerous crafts stores to see with plenty of options.


Another prime artwork famous from ancient times in the district of Kanyakumari is the lac works. Mulagumoodu town in Kanyakumari is the prominent place for this craftwork which was influenced by the catholic missionaries. These missionaries came to India to take care of the orphan children, and along with it, they introduced a culture of lace-making.

This craft soon became the source of livelihood and popular among Belgium customers. The lacework is made on the cushion with cotton yarns and pins knotted and entwined. It is commonly made in white color, and pastel shades are rarely used. These lace works are used to design tea coasters, bottle holders, cocktail napkins, pillowcases, and related things. Most of the hotel in Kanyakumari include these laceworks for their living spaces and restaurants to maintain the authenticity of the tradition.

Temple jewelry:

It is one of the oldest forms of art and is practiced in the Vadasery village of Kanyakumari. This village is known for making intricate designs of jewelry made from gold and other precious stones. The specialty of these jewels is they incorporate the designs and motifs of deities, nature, animals, and birds.

Hence, these are the most famous art forms of Kanyakumari, and make sure to bring them back to your home. Hotel Temple Citi is the best budget hotels in Kanyakumari for a comfortable stay.

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