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Famous Things That One Should Buy While Visiting Kanyakumari

We need some time to relax from all our daily chores and activities to boost energy. So, taking a walk or listening to good music can also make you feel refreshed, but some take long trips to relax. Why don’t you visit a place like Kanyakumari to make you feel better? Kanyakumari is a picture-perfect place surrounded by deep blue waters and high mountain cliffs that offer great sightseeing for visitors. You can even get hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff during the season times which is an added advantage for the visitors. Kanyakumari is not only known for the historical monuments or sightseeing, but also some souvenirs. Like every other city, you get some famous things that one should buy while visiting Kanyakumari for remembrance. So, in this blog, let’s see some fascinating things that you can pick in Kanyakumari.


The foremost thing you should shop in Kanyakumari is to purchase handicrafts products. Like Assam and Orissa are popular for the woodworks, in Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari is known for its woodwork collection. Nagercoil, a town located in Kanyakumari, is well-known for handicrafts like wooden lacquerware, wood carving, and embroidery, and lacework for clothes export are popular activities here. The handicrafts also include stone carvings, temple jewelry, seashell crafts, palm leaf items, and related things. So, while visiting Kanyakumari make sure to purchase any of these wooden carvings as an embellishment to your home. Most of the hotels at Kanyakumari have a travel guide associated with them who can help you to find the right place to buy wooden products. You can even find brass idols with unique handmade designs along with them.

Palm leaf drawings:

Another main thing you can purchase during your visit is the palm leaf drawings. Palm leaves were used as manuscripts and journals in those days. Most Indian writings were written on dried palm leaves that continued till the 19th century. So, while visiting Kanyakumari, ensure you purchase the palm leaf drawings that can be the focal point of your house. These drawings or paintings were engraved cautiously on palm leaves by the artists of Tamil Nadu. If you are staying at a hotel in Kanyakumari near the beach, you can find plenty of palm leaf drawings displayed at the stalls. 

Wall hangings made from seashells:

As you know, Kanyakumari is the land of the sea, and hence you can find numerous decorative items made from seashells. Every stall or shop you visit in Kanyakumari has these seashell walls hanging, which you can’t avoid in this land. So, these seashell trinkets are the best gifts for your friends and family. You can even gift your loved ones with multi-colored sand filled in a glass bottle as a remembrance of this town. The stalls at the beach have conch shells where you get your name written on them.

So, these are some things you can buy when visiting the land of the sea. Hotel Temple Citi – the best budget hotels in Kanyakumari that offers you a comfortable stay at an affordable price.

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