Kanyakumari In Different Transport Modes

How To Reach Kanyakumari In Different Transport Modes?

Who doesn’t love to travel? Many feel that travelling makes them feel refreshed and relieved from the stress. One of the beautiful places that people love to spend is Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari is an astounding land surrounded by blue sea, lush green fields, and amazing architecture of monuments. Several tourists visit this land every year to spend quality time with nature. It is lovely to wake up to the sound of waves and the sun rising from the sea. Now, people even love this land for the hotels at Kanyakumari because of their amazing hospitality. Are you visiting this land any time soon? Which is the best means to get to this land? You can come to this land either by road, air, or rail. This land is accessible by any means, and all these modes are affordable. Hence, in this post, let us see how to reach Kanyakumari in different transport modes.


The primary mode of travel that any commoner chooses is the bus. The bus is the most accessible and affordable way of travelling to Kanyakumari. So, you can take the buses from the main cities like Chennai, Trivandrum, Madurai, Bangalore, and Nagercoil. These cities have fleets of buses at any time to travel to this beautiful land. You can see a lot of public buses provided by Kanyakumari and Tamil Nadu Road Transport Corporation

for easy travelling and frequent services. There are also private buses with AC and non-AC, which helps the passengers to travel as per their wish. The public transport service for buses starts from early in the morning and runs till midnight. If you are travelling through private buses, you will be provided with the timings and place while booking the ticket. Hence, the bus is one of the best modes to reach India’s southern tip. You can even make a hotel booking in Kanyakumari near the bus terminus for more transport convenience. 


Another mode of transport that every age group loves is by train. The Kanyakumari Railway Station is 4 km from the main town of the land. However, you can find buses and taxis outside the station to reach the town and hotel in Kanyakumari. You can find trains like Himsagar, Island, Bangalore, and Kanyakumari Howrah express that are operated by connecting Kanyakumari to reach other cities. The timings for each train varies and are provided while booking. Travelling by train is one of the best options for people who want more comfort and can’t for a more extended period. 

By air:

You can also reach Kanyakumari by airways and get down either at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport or Tuticorin domestic airport. These are the nearest airports to Kanyakumari as it does not have one on its own. So, these airports are 90 km and 82 km respectively, and one has to get a taxi or bus to reach the land of sea. 

Hence, these are the three prominent ways to reach Kanyakumari. So, visit Hotel Temple Citi, the best budget hotels in Kanyakumari situated in a prime location for a more convenient trip. 

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