How to save on your next trip to Kanyakumari

  1. Enjoy more Free Activities then paid sites:

There are many spots in Kanyakumari where you will have to pay to take part in different activities. If you intend to go surfing, it is advised to bring your surfboard with you. There are many spaces on the beach, many treks, and other places where you can join in free activities. There is no obligation to be spending up on all the activities.

  1. Advance Booking for your Stay

If you can book your flight and holiday rentals in advancement, you could keep a few hundred or even thousands of rupees. Usually, travellers will not book their accommodation. Most of them consider in relying on their luck slightly than planning and booking everything beforehand.

If you are thinking a visit to Kanyakumari, it is advised to book your flight, rail tickets and accommodation a few months in advance. If you have a budget for accommodation you can opt for a 2-star hotel, instead, of 4-star or 5-star hotels. hotels at Kanyakumari have more amenities to make your stay pleasant.

make sure it is also booked in advance. normally, airlines will allow you the best-possible rates if you book at least 45 days in advancement.

  1. Save Money on Shopping useless things:

Everyone touring Kanyakumari will be bringing back home some kind of mementoes. You will want to cherish the place even after years. It is suggested to choose something enduring that can remain a long time. There are numbers of shops in the beach where local craftsmanship, apparel, and other accessories are sold. It can be fascinating to get all the colourful things that you come to see.

The point is that you don’t want all of them. You could take back a few mementoes – something special, but avoid falling for everything you come across. You will be spending your money on the obviously overpriced things.

Choose a 2-star Hotel or a Vacation Rental You can simply find hotels in Kanyakumari as it is one of the bustling tourist targets in India. But it will make further sense to prefer 2-star hotels or rentals in Kanyakumari. They are comfortable and don’t require as much as 4-star or 5-star hotels. Especially, these hotels near to the beach are going to be really expensive – even further so during the peak fall.

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