Padmanabhapuram palace – a wonder in Every way

At the bottom of the Velli Hills, possessed by Veli River in Kanyakumari District Padmanabhapuram Palace is built inside the Padmanabhapuram Fort. It was built in 1601 AD by Iravi Varma Kulasekhara Perumal who governed Venad between 1592 and 1609. The fort pictures Kerala’s original style of construction Design. The beautiful interior structure is shaped with rosewood and sculptured beautifully. Travelers get overwhelmed and amazed while seeing the royal thrones with Chinese engravings, artistic bow in mahogany, windows with stained mica. It also has a nice gallery where various arts, paintings, crafts and weaponry like swords and knives are seen.

This magnificent palace used to be the home of Travancore’s rulers, consists of numerous majestic constructions-

Main Entrance hall: The hallway has wood roofing, adorned with lotus ornaments. The most striking thing is the clock-tower which was established in 1832 A.D and still running in order.

The Mantrasala – the King’s Council – Where king used to keep conferences with ministers and ambassadors, The floor of this hall is made with mixing a diversity of materials – coconut shell ashes and eggs exhibit the figure like a glass.

The Nataksala – the Exhibition Hall/ Dancing Hall- This hall was completely for the royal household members where they rest and enjoy performances, is made up of hard granite columns and reflecting black floor.

The Uttuputra- Dining Hall: Next to the Dancing hall, a magnificent huge dining hall is located; where 2000 people can have food collectively.

Uppirika Malika: ‘Uppirika’ is obtained from the word ‘Muppirika’, means the home of eldest family members. This three storied construction is a gorgeous place in the palace. In the first floor, a wood bed is found with 64 varieties of therapeutic and medicinal plants, gifted to King Marthanda Varma by Dutch India Company. The second floor is devoted to King’s resting, leisure, and learning. The top floor was built for Lord Vishnu as he was deemed to be the mail God.

The Thai Kottaram- the Queen Mother’s Palace was built in classical Kerala characteristic. There is an interior court, called ‘nalukettu’ with sloping rooftops and four columns made up of jackfruit timber, are on edges holding the roof.

Southern Palace: It is just like a gallery where antique households, ornamental arts, and handicrafts are displayed which describes their culture.

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