The History of the famous Kanya Kumari amman temple

Holy Bhagavadhi Kumari Amman Temple:

One’s Kanyakumari journey will be unfinished without visiting the divine Kumari Amman temple. The holy temple is 3000 years ancient and is dedicated to pure and virgin Goddess Kanya Kumari. There was a mythological story of goddess Kanya Kumari, The devotion of Devi Kanya Kumari dates back to the ancient period of kumari kandam. Kanyakumari is located on the southernmost tip of Tamilnadu. She is a virgin goddess. As Lord Siva didn’t fulfil his promise to marry her on one special day, she was very shocked and furious and her anger was redirected to kill the demons.

she continued as a virgin and did repentance. once the demon lord got power over Devas and began abusing and killing Devas. Devas performed Yagna to defeat the evil power! Goddess Parasakthi appeared in Kumari in the formation of a virgin girl and started her penance. Later, when Banusura tried to overcome the Goddess by his power, she killed him with her Chakra and rescued the Devas from difficulties.
In this temple, the deity of the goddess is Faced east and the key entrance is through the Northern entrance and the Eastern entrance remains shut most of the times besides some festivities.

Later entering through the Northern entrance, guests stroll around the outer hallway and visit the Navaratri Mandapam and later proceed to the second hallway where after praying to the Kala Bhairava, the followers reach to the Dhwajastambha and devotees can get a bright appearance of goddess Devi Kanya Kumari.

After worshipping the Goddess, visitants arrive at the inner hallway, where they can have the darshan of Indra Vinayak. A small statue is also found; devoted to Tyaga Sundari. The Devi resembles a beautiful young girl, pose with a rosary in her right hand, and shiny nose ring with glistening light composed up of Bluestone.

It is assumed that Devi’s glistening nose ring is formed of Ruby as its illumination can be seen from far away. Visitants are being asked to share ₹10 as a contribution to enter the interior area, where picture-taking is strictly forbidden and men have to remove their shirts and wear a conventional costume before accessing the temple.

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