The Guide for a Safe travel in India when you have a vacation next time

Travel within India calls for measures of patient and assent. The natural harmony of the country land and the hospitality of its people is the essence that legends are made of. India is as a secure country for a tourist as any another, given you follow general sense to guarantee your own safety and follow some general Indian travel tips.

India is a country of extremes – the natural beauty of the country differs with the hideousness of its poverty, high rise skyscrapers cuddle cheek by mandible with crowded shanties and the light of the vast majority of its people surrenders its crime statistics into visible relief.

India is secure for travel for an individual traveller, given he or she comes with a prepared checklist of travel, stops and halts. It is recommended to book hotel rooms along the projected route in advancement, as commercial travel accommodation can be average at best, as regards protection, sanitation and amenities.

when you go to a place like Kanyakumari choose one of the hotels in Kanyakumari near beach as all the major attractions are offshore or near the beach area.

When in India, plan to be deceived by self-appointed tourist guides and vendors – all of whom participate the view that tourists are here to be fleeced. To a degree, that acceptable, rely on a good guide and ignore any proposals by a tour guide to give you the best potential views or history of a tourist spot. You also must learn to say “No” strongly to the crowds of vendors selling everything from fruits to China-made souvenirs at tourist places.

When vacationing in India, keep your papers and the bulk of your cash and traveller’s cheques in a separate bag worn next to your surface under your outer garments.

Keep no more than 15-20 dollars in equivalent Indian currency in a readily convenient pocket.
Do not wear any ornaments or fancy wrist watches as this could make you an easy mark for thieves.
Avoid wandering in isolated areas after evening time.
When touring by car, rely on pre-booked tourist vehicles and avoid getting lifts.

vacationing in a group is better compared to touring alone, particularly for women.
Tip the bell boy or waiter nothing extra than 15-20 Indian rupees.
As a foreigner, you may also receive suggestions to exchange your money for rupees at the black exchange rate – avoid these proposals like plague.

If you get a chance to visit India go to places like Kanyakumari or any other hill station to witness the beauty of this amazing country. Have a safe and happy journey!

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